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31th Annual Yellow Rose Classic Car Show Show Information


Cars with more than 1/8 tank of fuel will not be allowed into the Exhibits Hall. There are no provisions at the show site to remove excess fuel. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to assure the fuel level is 1/8 tank or lower. After your vehicle is in place, the positive (+) battery cable must be disconnected from the battery. Drip pans are required under the engine, transmission, and read end of each car, unless your display includes carpet under all of these areas. Gas tanks must be taped shut, or must have a locking gas cap. Points will be deducted from your entry if you fail to follow safety regulations. These are the City of Arlington Fire Chief’s requirements and there cannot be any exceptions.


Saturday, July 24th, 10am to 9pm

Sunday, July 25th , 10am to 6pm

These are the times the show is open to the public. All vehicles and vendors must remain in place and in show condition from the time Judging commences on Saturday morning until 6:00pm on Sunday.


Electrical outlets are available on a limited basis and must be arranged in advance with the Show Chairman. Displays are encouraged, but are not mandatory. Any display items used, such as stanchions and rope, must be freestanding and made of fireproof materials. Displays and vehicles must be set up by 9:00am on Saturday.


The number of entries in each class will determine the number of places. Trophy presentation will be held Sunday at 4:00pm in the Exhibits Hall. Please plan to attend or have someone present to represent your entry. We reserve the right to create a “New Car” class if warranted.


Tear-down of displays will begin after trophy presentation has concluded, or after 6:00pm, whichever is later. The paying public will still be in the hall until 6:00pm that day. No vehicles may be started while the public is in the hall. Violations will result in the disqualification of your entry. Move-out must be completed by 8:30pm on Sunday.


Two (2) Exhibitor passes will be provided for each paid entry. Additional passes are available for $12 each. No one will be allowed into the show without paid admission or a pass. Exhibitor spaces are 10’ x 20’. Vendor spaces are 10’ x 10’.

Vehicle classifications

The Show Chairman and the Head Judges will assign classes dependent on year, body style, and number of entries. Requests for class assignment changes must be presented to the Head Judge and approved by the Show Chairman or his/her representative by 8:30am on Saturday.

Vehicles For Sale

For entrants desiring to offer a vehicle for sale, “For Sale” signs will be available at the registration table for $5.00 each. Only authorized signs sold by the North Texas Mustang Club will be allowed.