Show FAQ

Here are the answers to some of your FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS



This is not a concours show, so your vehicle will not be judged on “correctness.” It will be judged on fit and finish, quality of workmanship, attention to detail and cleanliness. As you prepare your vehicle to be judged pay attention to the little things such as getting the dead insects out of the radiator, cleaning the glass, vacuuming the carpet, wiping down the tires and so forth. The little things make a big difference in a judged car show! You are going for points here. The cleaner your vehicle is, the more points you score. There are a few judging rules that you will be expected to follow: convertible tops must be down; your windows must be rolled down so the spectators and judges can see inside your vehicle; one door (your choice but usually the driver’s door) must be left open a few inches so the judges can see into the door jamb area; your hood and trunk lid must be fully open for the entire duration of the show. If the judges cannot see inside the engine compartment or trunk you will get zero points for those areas. Even if you think your engine compartment and trunk are “not good enough” to be judged, remember that any points are better than no points! Judging will begin promptly at 9:00am on Saturday so be sure you are finished detailing your vehicle by then. If you are still working on your car and display when the judges arrive (unless you have made prior Arrangements) you could be disqualified. Last but not least, please do not interfere with, talk to or distract the judges while they are working. Just stand back and let them do their jobs. If you have questions about the judging, feel free to ask one of the judges, but not while they’re judging a vehicle, especially yours.


“Safety equipment” can include a variety of items: first aid kit, flares, fire extinguisher, tools, flashlight, tow rope, oil, water, spare can of fuel, etc. Think about it this way: if you encountered a highway emergency or were involved in one yourself, what items would you need? Of course we do not expect you to fill your trunk with safety equipment but you should have at least some of these items. Do you have something interesting you think qualifies? Use it! Carrying safety equipment dates back to the 1950s when hot rodding was emerging as an organized sport and when car shows like ours first became popular. The conservative 1950s public thought of hot rods as dangerous machines and the drivers as maniacs. To improve their image, “hot rodders” started carrying safety equipment so they could help if there were an accident. Think about it: even today most passenger cars do not carry adequate safety equipment.


This is an easy one…it’s the law! If the Arlington Fire Marshal were to do an inspection and find a vehicle in violation of the law, he could close down the entire show, on the spot, and deny us future permits to have the show. If a fuel tank or fuel line were to develop a leak, the more gas in the tank, the more it would spread across the floor, and the greater the chance for a fire. This is serious! The same is true for disconnecting your battery. If a vehicle were to develop an electrical short it could catch on fire. If a fire started while the public is in the exhibit hall their lives could be in danger and a large number of vehicles could be destroyed. We are serious about enforcing this law. You will be expected to comply without exception. The fuel level in your vehicle will be checked as you enter the hall. We will not have a way for you to remove excess fuel from your tank so please plan accordingly. Your vehicle will be disqualified if the judges find the battery connected.


This is completely up to you. You are limited to a physical space of 10’ x 20’ [per space], so whatever you do must fit in your space. This is a family car show, so nothing lewd or obscene will be permitted (no scantily clad girls draped over your hood please!). As long as it is in good taste, just about anything goes. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like, as long as it somehow enhances the public’s viewing of your vehicle. Your display must not interfere with the judges’ ability to closely look at your vehicle. We highly recommend that you have some kind of stanchions with ropes or chains to keep the public from touching or disturbing your vehicle or display. This is for your peace of mind, and their safety. Carpet or floor covering is a nice touch, but not required (but remember if you don’t have carpet, you must have drip pans). We suggest that you make your display as easily transportable as possible with your available vehicle(s) and easy to set up and take down. Also, we suggest you have a display for one simple reason: to impress the public, those nice folks who pay to come out and see our prized possessions! The Yellow Rose is not just another parking lot show….it is a high visibility event with vehicles from all over the Southwest, with newspaper, radio, and magazine coverage. Seeing a car sitting on a plain concrete floor all by itself can be boring. Seeing that same car parked in a nice display gets the public excited about the show and makes them want to come back year after year. The success of the Yellow Rose is measured partly by how many people come to see your cars. We must do whatever we can to keep bringing them in!

We look forward to seeing you at the Yellow Rose Car Show!